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18.04.2020 08:54
vGrandpa retired Antworten

vGrandpa retired and moved back from his office with a large bag of books. I found an iron box in the bag, so I asked my father: what is this? Dad said: Grandpa's piggy bank. I'm curious, open it, wow! It ��s a lot of coins. Grandpa said that there are about 2000 yuan. I asked Grandpa: Why are there so many coins? Grandpa said: I put the change I usually found in the iron box, and the days will be longer. Grandpa also told me not to underestimate the money, but to make up for the family, buy toys and stationery for you, and most importantly help others. Oh, the original piggy bank still has so many uses Marlboro Red, so I asked my father to buy me a small piggy bank. I usually put the change into it and wait for it to be used before taking it out. Part 2: The pen pen Xiaoxin piggy bank I have a very handsome pen pen little piggy bank. The wax pen Xiaoxin has a pair of big eyes, round and bright, and a small mouth that opens slightly like he is talking to me. There is a white strap on his head, and there is a small hole in the strap Used to hold money, there is a 904 number in front of the clothes, as if the kindergarten is having a sports meeting Marlboro Cigarettes. Since having this piggy bank. Those toys and snacks are not as appealing to me as before. I remember going home from school one time, I saw a small shop along the street with my favorite babu bean ice cream, I took money from my mother to buy it, and suddenly remembered the wax pen Xiaoxin piggy bank. You! Spend money again. In the end I stuffed the money into the white tape of the pen Xiaoxin. I love the Xiaoxin piggy bank because of it, because it changed my bad habit of spending money. Part three: I have studied hard and won many scholarships. So, my mother bought me a slime pig to save. The slime pig was white and big. He has a fat body and a flat nose. Two big ears sagged on the head, one pair of eyes narrowed into two lines, it was really cute. There is a small hole in the top of the little mud pig's head, that is the entrance of money. Whenever I put coins into the belly of the little mud pig one by one, it would make a jingling sound, as if the wind chimes were singing. Once, I wanted to buy popsicles, and when I reached out, I took money from the pig bank. At this time, I suddenly felt that the expression of the little mud pig was a little strange Cigarettes Online, and it seemed to say seriously: No, the money is used to buy books and school supplies. My face turned red, and I quickly shrunk my hand back. The little mud pig taught me to develop a good habit of diligence and frugality. It is like a little teacher in my life.
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