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04.10.2022 05:54
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The hand of leaf autumn raises in the sky, but how can't keep on chopping down as well.
Because, Latin is rare don't know to when hurtle to his in front, and still grasp the wrist that he keeps blade.
The leaf autumn in the mind frighteneds, this guy is exactly a person is a ghost?Behind deliver first to, and the hairbreadth can hold tight oneself have already got into the wrist of attack orbit, this demand much ability?
Even if is the leaf's spare time that went into a sword way, after the recruit type of leaf autumn sends out to, he also only have backstroke and avoids being seen of is not likely to be like to like this stretch hand to intercept now.This needs tremendous courage and ability.
Because a probably button up a wrist of living the other party carelessly not, and the meeting is harmed by the sharp weapon in the opponent hand.
With bare hands Duo knives?
The autumn of the leaf has the impulse that the kind wants to bump a wall, oneself way so several years, still for the first time drive so in brief of recruit type to button up stop wrist.
The autumn of the leaf is buttonned up in the wrist for an instant, do reaction.Hand inside of)suddenly turn around, a kind of commit suicide the attack method come out.If mow not to live the words that Latin hopes a ground wrist, that probably slices to own arm.
Latin is rare to stretch out once a finger play, the Wan in the leaf's autumn hand sells but flies.
The in the mind starts to float nerveless felling, and so of the opponent fight, basically is seeking Nue.
"Young man, you are too cruelty."Latin is rare to make a noise to say, the look in the eyes Yin hates ground to looking at a leaf for autumn.
"Become Wang Bai Kou.You kill is the person still little?"The autumn of the leaf is cold to say with a smile, and then stretch out the noodles door that the left boxing hopes toward Latin.
Once the wrist that Latin hopes tremble, leaf autumn to fell off to fly to go out.Body vacillating whereabouts ground, the whole body doesn't already is aching, buttonned up by him of wrist unexpectedly so drive he to pull to dislocate, the right hand completely makes not last dint.
At leaf the autumn and Latin hope the time of combat and wait upon at the snake female of part already blunt rent away the snake king's body in the past.That big snake in white climbs around on snake king of, ever and anon stretch out the tongue licks on his face, snake female the vigilance ground guard in the part and look like in the Liao and harm generally.
Latin is rare to see long to offend not descend of 12 absolute being will, facial expression tiny Nu, loudly read a few Sanskrits.
12 absolute being will suddenly and outwardly round to spread out, then three per set, line up four triangles, quickly turned, was like a burst of tornado sort of take everything away to three groups of thunderbolt squad.
Sees the Zhang shadow turn over to fly, they are to suddenly have 1,100 hands general, the speed is quickly astonishing.A personal flash across goes each time, behind of the member of team mount again.And, they face of Be just single member of thunderbolt squad.Is also say, a member of thunderbolt squad wants without a break to the top them three absolute being will of revolve type attack.
Wildly having never avoided being seen to open is clapped in the chest by a Zhang.Is a set of everywhere type the battle array is immediately little a Cape.
Is two sounds to spread again, 2 set with three sets of each have a member of team drive they to knock down.
"Change Huan brigade form."Luo thousand soldiers loudly roar a way.The member of thunderbolt squad quickly moves and also changed Huan to become triangle.Thus, can't there is an indentation being broken by their shot.
Latin is rare to took a look 12 absolute beings will, know own person steady hold to win Juan.He didn't wait for the meaning for descending again as well and greatly trod to walk over there to the leaf who falls down on the ground autumn.
"Latin is rare, do you really want to go to hell?"A lonesome voice spreads, the shadow of an attractive woman from far and near, turn in a sudden namely go to.
Latin hopes Mou son one Lin, body not from must retreat 2.
Long Nyu starts to hand a leaf autumn, ask a way:"How to feel?"
"I am all right."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head.It is rare, say to point Latin:"Afraid is only you can can deal with him."
"Buddha not bitterness Du, the hell becomes to get empty.They don't go into a hell, who go into a hell?"Long Nyu's look in the eyes cold edge of knife, stare at Latin rare say:"Trust, I will kill these beasts clean."

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