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04.10.2022 06:03
intention to murder Antworten

Accompany Long Nyu come of still have the tradition Di promise of Chris of gold blood, this woman was afraid to is the time that the infant expects all strong.Have already got into to become adult to expect now, the real strenght is to can not imagine.After death stand four palaces that equally wear to inset to have a Phnom Penh pack, the chest embroiders to have a purple and triangle chest badge of purple Mou light hair man.These four people's real strenght is afraid to want to will still have to be a little bit strong than own 12 absolute being.
Is regrettable, oneself leads to rely on of the snake king be unexpectedly wanted now to severely wounded by that boy that seeking an assistant is all difficult.
"Long Nyu, you should understand the eyes ground that I do so is what, can you why not accept my some kind of cordialitieses?"Latin is rare to point at to sit oneself is busy to cure arm on the ground of leaf autumn, say:"He has what like?Is worth you to fall in love thus?"
"He what all than how are you."Long Nyu is entwining to rare Latin there is some exasperations in this problem.Say:"Latin is rare, originally read at together is one vein in India, I have been showing leniency to you.Unexpectedly you frequently challenge, really is an offense should ten thousand die.Last time's ambuscading me hasn't got even with you, you unexpectedly start beating my friend's idea again.This time, you prepare to be subjected to dead."
Hear Long Nyu say so, Latin is rare to know that the circumstance is probably what a mess.Said severals with the Sanskrit, that with triangle type if the tornado is general of book to thunderbolt squad their take precautions against to offend a ground of of 12 tottering absolute being will suddenly start changing, four squads re- organize, 12 people are divided into 2 brigades and quickly block the in front that hopes in Latin.
"You unexpectedly be the crazy idea impeded me with them?"Long Nyu sneers at.The hands are raised to knead up and down dance in the wind to swing definitely.Be like at unreal of in the air grasp what things.
Immediately after, two hands are to take a wisp of furious wind sort, place once flicked, roar and shout to make to ring.
"Hold tight her."Latin is rare to wave hand to say.12 absolute being will listen to make.Noiselessly to Long Nyu blunt past.Prepare to use a person much advantage to impede Long Nyu Di's aggression.And Latin Be rare to also hope to look for crevice to escape.
"Can not have no mutually.Disease."The Long Nyu Di's hand pushes out forward.Be like release to go to a breeze wall sort.12 absolute being will hurtle to the breeze wall in front.Be like met visiblely entity.It is further before having nothing to do.
Long Nyu Di's hand definitely a change.Is pure to sing a way:"Any is mutually all.It all is absurd.Tie up."
That from current of air formation ground breeze wall suddenly be like stretched out numerous small hands general.Will give still being trying very hard to want to break a breeze wall ground 12 absolute beings the tie tightly live.No matter how they are the ground is left to hurtle right bump.Can't escape these invisible have no mutually a breeze wall to entwine.
Dragon female hand a grasp.Invisiblely the breeze wall then starts tightenning tie.12 absolute being ground the body start feeling suffered.Is flounderingly more crary.They ground the head all have a plain white cloth to wrap up.Can't see pure they earth's surface feeling.But leaf the autumn know.They must are badly now painful this time.
Slowly close along with Long Nyu Di's fist.12 absolute beings struggle ground to also more and more have no dint.The last ground is by hand stucked neck.Not the pain desire livings a ground of shape.
Latin hopes big Hai, this woman, also really moved intention to murder.
The Latin rare hands match Shi, the steel fork on the forehead type the purple spot Be red to brighten to flap.After reading a few Sanskrits definitely, one was like burning to hit the ground red current of air to inherit to Long Nyu.Then his body is like the playing marble sort that is played to fly to go out, escape to the distance but go to.
Long Nyu's fist closes, then suddenly opens.That drive the breeze wall tie up ground 12 absolute beings will be a body in packed bomb, so on a sudden crack open by explosion to open.The blood covers with and destroy a limb dispersed.12 men die a tragic death and make this becoming the human life together sandy beach to fix Luo's hell.
Once Long Nyu Xian's hand lead and then push the red current of air that Latin hope to part, to not the ocean of distance fly,
One is huge to loudly spread, the sea water is started to splash a quite a few rice far.Start crashing down again while falling to an apogee, Hua Hua make to ring.
"Want to run."Long Nyu looking at Latin rare escape of background, intention to murder in the eye big Chi, a burst of breeze the ground curl up, facing his figure but go.

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