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01.06.2018 04:20
Diagnosed with nephritic nephritis death right after that Antworten

According to the information received by the College of Pharmacy College, on May 4, Pham Thanh, residing in Lang Co town (Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province) His son Hung (3 years old, changed his name) died after entering Phu Loc Hospital. Relatives of the victim said that due to the medical staff of the center responsible for the child died.

After receiving the application of Thanh's family, Phu Loc district police came to the victim's family to collect information, clarify the matter.
According to Thanh, about 17h on May 1, his son was rushed to emergency at Phu Loc Hospital with symptoms of vomiting, consecutive outbreaks and high fever. At the hospital admission, the child is still conscious but later falls into the condition of danger and death when transferred to University Hospital (Hue).

Vo Dai Thanh Tri (who directly treat the victim) said that the boy was hospitalized at 16:20 on May 1, signs of enteritis, gastrointestinal disorders due to food poisoning but still awake.
During the examination, Ho Chi Minh City College of Pharmacy the child had a fever of 39.5 degrees but no vomiting and diarrhea, no signs of dehydration, blood tests for normal results. However, to 19h of the same day, boys have vomiting so the doctor gives oresol and their family to eat porridge.

About 3:20 pm on May 2, boys with nausea, sweaty hands and sweat and sent to the recovery room to infuse, do not get veins so the doctor transferred to Hue University Hospital. After being hospitalized for more than 30 minutes, the boy died.

"The baby died of a gram-negative bacterial infection leading to a severe, severe poisoning." The disease was so sudden that we did not have time to get back, "said Dr. Tri.
According to physician Tri, the facilities of the hospital is too short so the donor's stool is not collected for bacterial isolation to detect early to intervene in time.
Doctor Nguyen Dinh Lap, Director of Phu Loc Hospital, shared the problem that the hospital is meeting to clarify the first thing boys die. Hospital leaders will visit the victim's family to visit, share with the pain of family members.

Pham Ngoc Thach College of Medicine

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